STEM SHIPPING CO S.A. established in 2016, is a global provider of maritime transportation services. It currently manages a modern fleet of eight bulk carriers and two container vessels.

The privately-owned company is headquartered in Athens, Greece. STEM SHIPPING facilitates international trade by carrying an estimated 2-3 million tons of dry cargo annually on short, medium and long-haul trading routes across the globe.


STEM SHIPPING CO S.A. operates a diverse fleet of 11 modern vessels that transport goods worldwide in an efficient, safe, reliable and environmentally sound manner. The vessels are manned by well-trained seafarers recruited by the company’s dedicated crewing agency and managed by experienced on-shore personnel.


STEM SHIPPING CO S.A. strives to adhere to the highest standards of performance to ensure high quality and cost efficient shipping operations, health and safety of crew members, and protection of the coastal and marine environment. The company pursues a strategy of ship diversification, including through future plans to enter the tanker market segment. It will continue its fleet renewal strategy by replacing older vessels with younger and environmentally friendlier ships. STEM SHIPPING will maintain and build on existing relationships and seek to forge new partnerships with major international charterers, financial institutions and other strategic stakeholders.


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